Wednesday, 14 September 2016

No One Knows What He Can Do Till He Tries

"Trial and effort are the litmus tests to determine the capacity."

The turtle never knew I could beat the hare in a race, but was willing to try. He simply took a risk and make the impossible possible. This story of 'Panchtantra' was taught in the nursery, thus induce the spirit of making a sincere effort in us.

It is said that "Never judge a book by its cover". It is obvious that it is impossible to know about the content of a book just see the cover. One has to go through each and every page to reveal its substantial value. Similarly, man can not know about diamonds on it until it plunges into deep underground.

The first step in finding oneself begins with "value". The value of convictions makes it easier to take the first step.

Second ingredient is 'effort'. Man must be full of spirit not make constant efforts die. However, if the motivation accompanying commitment results are far-reaching. Even if efforts fail motivation can bring back the charm to treat.

Third constituent in the recipe of finding oneself is 'willpower'. The will to do something is a powerful enough force to move mountains. Man want the wind in your life must always move in your favor, but you forget that the only odd circumstances force us to seek our inner strength.

With all these elements is 'patience'. Everyone must have heard the story of the spider did not lose hope and persists in trying to scale the wall. Finally he achieved what I wanted. Not only this, but also motivates the king to fight a losing battle and never give up. Similarly, a child never know who will be able to walk one day, but it persists in the attempt. It falls and stumbles back and attempts tracks and finally learns to walk.

Last and most important requirement for realizing the potential of one is the determination of a "meta". One of the goals is essential to drive one to keep trying. It is not always necessary to have ground shaking talents, just common sense and perseverance can do. We just have to make a start and treat seriously the right and we will discover the value behind the truism- Try, try and try again. The girl handicapped leg, Aurima Sinha climbed Mount Everest, the highest mountain on earth. She did not stop the obstacles in their path and finally reached its goal.

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